Derwent Valley

The Derwent Valley is a place of great heritage and natural beauty. Regarded as one of the last great secrets in Tasmania, and located just 40 minutes from Hobart, it’s an expansive region, home to some of the most spectacular and historically-significant sites in the country. The challenge was to develop an authentic identity for the region – one that would draw visitation to the area, distinguish the Derwent Valley from the rest of Tasmania, and be owned and implemented by the local community.

To get to the core of the brand, we hosted an extensive community consultation program. It became apparent the region was brimming with historical and natural abundance - and natural born storytellers. And these stories told, from old fables to local yarns, although seemingly too unbelievable and exaggerated to be true, were in fact, true… Well, true-ish. The Derwent Valley therefore took on the role of publisher, collating and sharing these eclectic and entertaining stories with the world.

Designers – Ilana Bodenstein, Olivia King, Jason Little, Johanna Roca, Peter Conforto
Design Director – Olivia King
Creative Director – Jason Little, Johanna Roca
Typographer – Olivia King
Finished artist – Olivia King
Writers – Mat Groom, Daniel St. Vincent
Illustrator – Ilana Bodenstein
Strategists – Sammy Page, Oscar Langley

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