A portrait isn’t simply a visual depiction of a subject– great portraits go beyond the skin for a closer look, revealing something meaningful about their inner nature. And who is more deserving of a closer look than vulnerable animals in need of loving and supportive families?

The Adobe Pawtraits Project is partnering with Sydney Dogs and Cats home to expose the inner beauty of some of their most overlooked lodgers, with the help of the immensely talented creatives like you!
Creative Producer - @jordanajohnson 
Writers - @jordanajohnson @matgroom@pete.conforto 
Creative Director - @jordanajohnson
Art director - @pete.conforto 
Designers - @ilana_.b @pete.conforto 
Prod Co - @entropicofilm 
Director - @gabegaspar 
DOP - @tomblackdp 
Producer - @cazzyfanoir @samuelegan
AC - @cameronjhnsn
Colour - @danielpardycolour@vandal.sydney
Gaffer - @tomaskeyes
VFX - @tommmy.stone & Oli Eather 
Talent - Dorothy, Delta, Jude Paw, Kramer & Minnie.
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